Friday, April 24, 2009

April Update

One of the perks of Drew being at New Day is that once a month we will get an update on how he is doing along with a picture. The update is written by his foster mom...

First I have to tell you the wonderful news that Jeremy has now been matched with his adoptive parents! They have named him Drew so any future updates you receive or pictures on our website will have his new name as Drew. Drew is very healthy during this month. He has a good appetite too. One day he was so happy because his elder foster brother bought him two clothes. He put on the new clothes as soon as he got up and asked his brother: “Who is more handsome, you or me?” Then his foster dad asked Drew, “Please tell us who is more handsome.” Drew answered: “Brother is handsome, but I’m more handsome than him!” We all laughed at such a cute thing he said! Drew always tries his best to help with some house-hold things, such as feeding the rabbit, cleaning the rooms and so forth. He often says: “I like helping mom. I want to be a good boy!”

How cute is that? First of all, I don't know what his foster brother looks like, but Drew is one handsome little boy. And those cheeks! I know I've said it before, and I will probably say it again, but I cannot wait to get my hands on his cheeks, they look so squeezable and kissable. I also love that he likes to help keep the house clean. Maybe he can teach his brother's and sister's a thing or two about cleaning. LOL

Have a great weekend and enjoy the beautiful weather we are going to have.


living4him5 said...

What a blessing to get all these pictures and updates!!

I'm still waiting for just one!!!

He is such a sweet boy, you can see it in his eyes...Just lovely!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Tisha said...

A handsome boy indeed! Those pictures and updates are such a treasure. Thanks for sharing all of them.


Tami said...


Drew looks like such a happy child!! I don't think I've said it, but the name 'Drew' REALLY suits him.

He's definitely a ray of sunshine with that adorable grin:-)!

I LOVE these monthly updates...


Tara said...

Mandi, Is he sweet or WHAT??? How sweet that he likes to be a "good boy"

Shelly and Family said...

Oh - don't you just love those updates! He is truly one sweet little boy! here's to a great week ahead....

Cheri said...

How awesome that you can see your little guy through skype and pictures. You'll have his little personality down before he is even home. He is just too sweet.

Can I nibble on his cheeks? ;)

Shannon Miller said...

Mandi! He is adorable! You know what? I have been praying for your son without knowing he was your son! I got word that he was on "the list" and have been praying for him ever since! I think the world of New Day and love that he is there! In response to your question awhile ago, no Georgia is not there (I wish she was). So thrilled to watch your journey!!!

Rebecca said...

Oh my word! Drew sounds like such a little gentleman! He likes helping and wants to be a good boy? Girl... you hit the jackpot. :) I laughed so hard about his comment "I'm more handsome than him!" LOL!!!

He's SOOO cute too. What a beautiful boy.