Thursday, April 2, 2009

They're Off!

Mylee's casts are FINALLY off! Praise God. We took off yesterday morning to Indy for her appointment and she was SO excited. When I got her up yesterday morning the first thing she said was "I go see Dr. Loder, no more casts." She knew this day was coming and could not wait. All way to Indy she kept talking about getting her casts off, seeing Dr. Loder, and of course getting new shoes. The shoe part was my fault because I told her the other day we could get her some new shoes. And since Mylee does not forget anything, she had to continually remind me that hse was getting new shoes.

The casts casts came off without a hitch. Since this was Mylee's tenth set of casts, she probably could have taken them off herself. In fact, several times while the nurse was working to get them off, Mylee did interject her opinions on how to get them off. She is too funny. She was so giddy while they were being taken off and kept telling the nurse, "no more casts."

Once they were off Dr. Loder came in to take a look at her legs. He said they are still pretty stiff, but that we need to get therapy going and they should start to loosen up. As of right now we don't go back to see him for a month, at which time he will evaluate the progress she has made. I did ask him how he thought things looked and if he thought this did the trick. His response was that we will just have to see what happens after some therapy. To be quite honest, I did not see much of a difference, but he said that with the therapy, everything should loosen up with time.
Mylee is quite sore right now, but that will also get better with time. She is unable to walk due to the pain, but she sure does try. She is back to walking on all fours (which is what she did when we first got her). This is something we are NOT encouraging, but is hard when she wants to get somewhere and I am unable to get to her fast enough. We are not worried, because knowing Mylee, she will be walking in no time.

Thanks to everyone who has walked this path with us. Your thoughts, prayers, and support have been so appreciated. Mylee still has a long journey ahead of her, but with family, friends, and God in her corner, we are certain that no matter what the outcome, she is going to continue to thrive and blossom.

Enjoy the pictures and video!

I absolutely LOVE this picture.


Rebecca said...

Awwww Mandi!! Look at those little leggies... I love how she's looking at them, like, "Hey, haven't seen YOU guys in awhile!!" LOL!

Congrats to Mylee on this huge milestone!!


Anonymous said...

ohhhhhhh mylee girl you are TOO much! cute-ness that is! :-)
what a BIG girl! so brave!
we're SO happy that the cast are off! yippee!
love the bath pictures. yum yum clean!
thanks for sharing Mandi!


Tami said...

She is THE cutest patient!!! Gotta love the big box of chocolates at the end. Sounds like it's been a long road for her, and for you with all these casts....happy it's over for you guys!!


amy said...

Way to Go Mylee....So happy all went well for you guys! I am sure you both are just thrilled!!!

Chad and Tara said...

Cool!!! Way to go, Mylee!!!


living4him5 said...

Aw, look at that sweet peanut!!!

Praying for you girl!


3 Peanuts said...

Hi Mandi,

Your little Mylee is so so cute. Congratulations on getting those casts off:) Thank you for saying hi. I will be back:)

Stefanie said...

I am SO excited for Mylee... AND for YOU!! What a relief to have those big ol' casts off :)
Can't wait to see all the progress Mylee makes from here!!