Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Simple Math Problem (of sorts)




So you are all probably wondering how this happened. Well, Easter Sunday after a delicious dinner prepared by my mom the kids went outside to enjoy the gorgeous weather. Blake was riding his Ripstick (skate board), and Emma and Gabe were riding their bikes. My niece Riley was out there somewhere as well. Anyway, Mylee wanted to do the skateboard too so Blake was holding her while he was on it. Apparently Riley walked in front of Blake and he tried to stop so he wouldn't hit her. He fell on his back still holding Mylee. He immediatly brought her in as she was screaming. After a few minutes she seemed fine however she would not put any weight on it. I should probably mention that she had just started walking again and was scheduled for her first therapy appointment Monday. Matt and I looked her over, there wasn't any swelling that we could see, so we just assumed that maybe she had pulled a muscles or bruised the top of her foot.
By Monday she was still not wanting to walk on it, but was crawling and scooting everywhere. I cancelled her therapy appointment thinking she was too sore to try anything and re-scheduled it. Tuesday she went to school like any other day. I did send a note to her teacher letting her know that Mylee was not willing to walk and to let me know how she did at school that day. After school Mylee's teacher sent a note home letting me know that usually Mylee is ready to go, go, go, but not today. So, I decided we should probably get it x-rayed.

Before taking her to the doctor here I called her orthopedic doctor at Riley to see what they suggested. He wanted me to take her down there for x-rays since that is where all her records are in case it was in fact broken. I was able to convince him to let me get the x-rays done here since I did not want to drive two hours for an x-ray that I was certain was going to show nothing. Boy was I WRONG!. Tuesday evening I took Mylee to the ER where it was determined that she does have a fracture. When I talked to Dr. Loder's nurse she told me that if she had broken it not to let the doctors here do anything since they are not familiar with her.

You should have seen the ER doctor's face when I told him he could not put a cast on her. He looked very confused. I explained to him what was going on and that her orthopedic doctor wanted to be the one to decide how to treat it considering everything that we have already been through with her legs and feet. So, we left the ER with an ace bandage, and x-rays in hand.

This morning Mylee and I took off to Riley thanks to my neighbor Lydia for watching my daycare kids. The whole trip to Indy Mylee kept saying "I go see Dr. Loder, no more casts." As soon as we walked into the clinic, the nurses could not believe we were back especially after I told them all how this happened. Dr. Loder walked in and Mylee said "Hi Dr. Loder! No more casts!" The nurses were cracking up. Unfortunately as you can see from the pictures, poor Mylee is back in a cast. And that isn't even the worst of it. We have to go back on Monday so he can put her to sleep and re-set it.

Mylee has a VERY high pain tolerance and that is why we were certain she had not broken it. Dr. Loder gave her some medicine to help with the pain while he set it. I have to tell you, I have never felt so much heartbreak for one of my kids as I did today. She cried, and screamed so much that she was sweating by the time they were done. I did not want her to have to be sedated nor did the doctor, but the pain medicine they gave her was obviously not working. So, after all of that, the doctor was not satisfied with the way the food was set, so we are going back on Monday. He will sedate her this time so he can get her foot positioned to heal the right way.

She seems to being doing much better now. She is not complaining at all of it hurting, so hopefully we can get through the rest of the week and weekend with no more accidents. The good thing is that it is only a partial leg casts so she will be able to continue therapy on her right leg and left knee. Please keep her in your prayers.


living4him5 said...

Oh No!!! Poor Mylee!!! Praying she heals up real quick!!

And yes, we could be in China at the same time!! Wouldn't that be a hoot!!!


Tara said...

OH, I can't believe she is in a cast yet again:( What a trooper; she is even smiling in the picture. I'm sure I'll talk to you soon,


Jolene and Dan Powell said...

Poor little Mylee! I hope she heals quickly.

Anonymous said...

We will keep little Mylee in our prayers. What a shame. She is such a little sweetie. Love, Manna and Bob. B.(Tara's parents)

TanyaLea said...

Goodness!...poor Mylee!! We will definitely lift her up in prayer.

She must be she is wearing one adorable smile in your photo!! :)

Cheri said...

Oh no the poor thing! I wouldn't want a cast after all she has been through. I pray it heals quickly.

amy said...

Oh poor baby!! Hope she feels better soon!!
BTW, I was really hoping to hear something yesterday too...maybe we got forgotten???:-)

Ohilda said...

Oh my!! Poor Baby!! Love that smile on her face, though.

Doug and Terrye said...

Oh sweet girl! My heart just breaks for all that she must have gone through :(

Terrye in FL

Heather said...

Let Mylee know that she looks great in yellow though! She is a real trooper.

Will be saying many prayers on Monday!

Anonymous said...

oh NO mandi!!!! :-(

i'm so sorry for mylee....and a cast to "top it off"...ugh~!! :-(

our computer has been down for over a not up on what is going on. :-|

hopefully we'll see you this week. cant wait! :-)

love ya,