Monday, April 6, 2009

Snow, really???

This is what we awakened to this morning...SNOW!!! I have to admit I was pretty shocked. I stayed up to watch the 11 o'clock news last night and was a bit surprised when I saw that we were under a winter weather advisory until Wednesday. To be honest, I truly did not think that we would have snow, and if we did, that it would not stick. So, you can imagine my surprise when I saw snow on the ground this morning. But again, I guess I should not be too surprised, we do live in the Midwest and the weather is pretty unpredictable.

On another note, this weekend was pretty busy. Friday evening was spent in the emergency room. We got a call from Matt's cousin that his Grandma was being taken to the hospital for a possible stroke. With Matt's dad and aunt on a cruise for spring break, all the cousins rallied together to get things taken care of until Matt's uncle could make it up. The good thing is that although she was having a stroke, she is doing well. According to the doctors, she got to the hospital just in time. She was able to get a medicine that stops any further strokes from happening. We were able to see her before they moved her to ICU, and she seemed to be doing okay. She was taken to ICU and is still there while they wait to have an MRI done to see exactly what happened and to what extent.
Please keep her in your prayers, she is a truly amazing woman.

This was taken about a month ago at their 60th wedding anniversary

The rest of the weekend was spent paining, cleaning, and reorganizing. I think the spring cleaning bug has hit. Last weekend we painted the whole downstairs including all the trim. This weekend we painted the upstairs trim and the upstairs family room. We did not change any colors, just freshened the rooms up a bit. I have also been cleaning frantically in preparation for our final post placement visit for Mylee. Not that we live in a dirty home, but once I am able to get everyone in the "mode," I have to take advantage of it. So, while I painted, I had the kids washing walls, doors, and of course their rooms. Mylee and Gabe were probably the most cooperative. They were both eager to help in any way. Blake and Emma on the other hand were not. But, by the end of the weekend, the house is in pretty good shape. Now, my only goal is to tackle the mountain of laundry that accumulated over the weekend.

I have had several e-mails from people wanting to know the details of what Matt and I are doing for our anniversary. Unfortunately, I am still unable to share any of the details, but I promise as soon as everything is in place, I will post about it.
Until then, you will just have to be patient and keep those guesses coming. So far, no one has guessed it.


Tami said...


I'm so happy the white stuff is in your neck of the woods and not ours...I'm so done with anything that resembles winter. I hope it melted pretty quickly for you!

Praying your grandma makes a speedy recovery and she's back home soon!

Wow an anniversary! Let's see, how will you 'celebrate'? I have an inkling, but I wouldn't want to steal your thunder:-)???!!!

Can't wait to hear!

Shelly and Family said...

Hi Mandi and Thank You for stopping by our blog! Funny thing is...I read your daughter's story on NHBO a few days before Francesca's was posted. She is such an amazing little girl as her story is truly beautiful! I will be following your blog from now on so be prepared to see me - often lol!

living4him5 said...

How are things?? Praying for you!