Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thankful Thursday..No Tetanus Shot Needed

So, I got a call today, no, not the LOA call, but a phone call from the school. Most parents get a bit nervous when they hear from their child's school. Around here it is a weekly thing. I can pretty much guarantee that Blake is going to call from school at least twice a week to ask if he can stay after for some activity. When Emma's school calls I know they are calling to let me know that she is "sick." So, I was a bit surprised when I looked at the caller ID to see that it was Mylee's school that was calling this time. I am not used to seeing her school's number so I will admit a bit of panic ran through me. Anyway, the first words out of the nurses mouth were "this is not an emergency, but a courtesy call to let you know what happened today." I was a bit relieved but not completely. She went on to let me know that Mylee had been brought to her office today because she had been bitten by another child on her cheek. Apparently a toy was involved. A toy that Mylee wanted and the little girl was not willing to give up. So, the result, Mylee was bitten on the cheek.

To be honest when I heard that I had to chuckle a little. The nurse said the teachers washed the area off with soap and water and the nurse had put a band-aid on it. She said "Mylee was so sweet about it, she didn't even cry." I thanked her for calling and and didn't really think too much about it until Mylee got home.

Mylee couldn't get off the bus fast enough to tell me what happened. She was so proud to show everyone her band-aid.

Me: "Mylee, what happened to your cheek?"

Mylee: "K bite my cheek."

Me: "Why did she bite you?"

Mylee: "K was playing with a toy. K doesn't say words and she bit my cheek. See?"

Me: "Are you okay?"

Mylee: "Yeah, Mrs. J took me to the nurse, I got a band-aid (pointing excitedly at her band-aid)."

Me: "Next time you need to ask nicely for the toy and not try to take it away."

Mylee: "Okay, but K doesn't say words and she bite my cheek, I got a band-aid."

Me: "Can I take off the band-aid to see your cheek and then we will put on another band-aid and some medicine."

Mylee: "I will show you."

And this is what I saw...

She was quite happy to show me her "battle scar."
Mylee 004

Mylee 001

At the suggestion of my neighbor I called my Pediatrician to make sure she didn't need a Tetanus shot or antibiotic. They assured me that she was okay and to just continue to put antibiotic cream on it.

As you can see, she doesn't seem to devastated about it. I on the other hand just hope that it doesn't scar.
Mylee 006

LOA Update: Today is day 101:(


Michele said...

Yikes! That made my tummy feel sick. You are such an awesome mommy for not flipping out. I am not sure I would have handled it that way.

Your daughter is GORGEOUS! Bite or no bite!!! I hope it doesn't scar. What a brave girl you have!

Tara Anderson said...

Goodness! I'd say that "K" did more than just bite her! That's quite a battle wound! I can't believe she didn't cry...I was ready to cry just looking at it! I'm glad she's in good spirits, though. :)

Lori said...

Oh my stars, that's a nasty bite! But what a brave girly you have...look at her modeling it like it's bling. What a cutie pie!

UGH...Day 101. Oh friend, my heart hurts for you!!! I hate that. Just hate it. It's not fair and just stinks. I'll be praying that it comes NOW!

**The tutu has been a fabulous hit in our house! It is hilarious to see Lucy wear it everywhere.

living4him5 said...

Oh my goodness! That's a terrible bite!!! She's one brave cookie for not crying.

Praying for oyur LOA!!


Anonymous said...

OH MY GOODNESS! What a brave soul your Mylee is!
I am truly sorry for your long wait for your LOA. Hopefully it won't be too much longer now! I still vividly remember those LONG days where you think you will never reach the end!
We are just beginning the LONG wait again...just sent all of our documents to be authenticated with the consulate. Little by little, step by step.....

Adeye said...

She is just as sweet as can be :)

Standing with you and TRUSTING that things speed up significantly with your adoption!!! I know you're heart is longing.

Adeye said...

She is just as sweet as can be :)

Standing with you and TRUSTING that things speed up significantly with your adoption!!! I know you're heart is longing.

quilt-n-mama said...


I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you that I am saying a prayer for you tonight. My bloggy friend, Jean, mentioned you on her blog and that you were waiting for LOA. When I realized what a long haul you have had, I wanted to tell you from one mommy to another who has walked in your shoes, I feel your pain and am praying for you. In 2008, we waited 189 days for our LOA, the story is long and crazy... oh the tears I cried! But God was so faithful through it all as always! Monday we celebrate 1 year of our little man being in our arms!
Praying you hear news soon!