Sunday, January 31, 2010


This has been quite a busy, fun weekend. For starters, I held my first ever Scrap Mania here at my house. It really wasn't a big deal, just a few friends and their scrappin supplies. We usually go to a local scrapbook store and do the 6 hour mania, but I just wasn't feelin it this weekend so instead I had everyone here. I just started scrap booking last summer and really enjoy it. The only problem is I have so many pictures, I get overwhelmed at times. I don't really have a method to my madness, I pretty much just go with the flow. The ladies I scrapbook with are SO much fun. Sometimes we are productive, and sometimes we spend more time talking and laughing. I had sort of a scrap block Saturday and didn't really get much done, but the other ladies got a few pages each done as well as some birthday party decorations.

Friday morning I was contacted by e-mail from Adeye. She is the sweetest lady and has the biggest hear for orphans. She and her husband have adopted two beautiful little girls from China and are currently in the process of adopting two sweet little girls from Europe that both have Downs Syndrome. Anyway, she was having some technical issues with her blog and wanted to know if I would take a look at it. I am by no means computer savvy, but I thought I could at least look at it. After about an hour of "playing" with it I threw in the towel. I e-mailed Adye back and asked her if I could not only change her template, but give her blog a new look. I was pretty excited when she said "yes!" So, I spent Saturday night and most of Sunday afternoon working on her blog and I have to say that I LOVE it! It turned out so pretty. And the best part is, is that Adeye loves it too. So, pop on over and check out Adeye's new look. Oh, I should probably mention that they are really close to traveling (April) and like so many of us are a bit short on funds. So, maybe instead of driving through Starbucks, or McD's this week, you could take that money and donate it to a family that is trying to make a difference in the lives of two of God's children, Hailee and Harper.

If you like Adeye's blog and want a blog makeover of your own, let me know because I am doing blog makeovers to help us bring Drew home. I have also made over Tara's blog, Lori's blog, as well as my own.

Okay, now I am off to work on some much needed homework.


Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

Wow, you did a fantastic job on those blogs, I love them. You are very talented!!

Tara Anderson said...

Adeye's blog looks do the others that you've done! You've got some awesome talent, girl!