Sunday, February 15, 2009

Look Who's 3!

Miss Mylee officially turned 3 today after a week of celebrations. Last Saturday we had the friend party with a Dora theme, on Thursday her preschool class sang Happy Birthday to her, and yesterday we had the family party. At this rate Mylee is going to think that everyday is her birthday or at least evertime she hears "Happy Birthday," that someone is singing to her.

Seriously though, she had a great time at both parties and we are so thankful for all of our family and friends who were able to attend. Mylee was so excited that it was finally her birthday. She has seen both of her brothers celebrate their birthdays as well as Emma this past December. On the morning of both parties she awakened and the first thing she said was "Mylee's birthday."

Today was a bit different than Mylee's birthday last year. I remember the day so well. I remember being so sad that our daughter was spending her birthday alone. We did send her a care package as well as a cake, but it still wasn't the same. We celebrated at home with a cake in Mylee's honor as well. Inside my heart was breaking for her to have to spend "her" day alone. I was overjoyed to receive pictures and video of her on her birthday with the package we sent and the cake. I remember thinking she looked so sad and somber. This year those sad, somber looks have been replaced with a smile from ear to ear and a sparkle in her eyes.

As we celebrate Mylee’s birthday, it is hard not to think about the people who made it possible for us to have her in our family, her birth parents. As I think back on this week of birthday celebrations for Mylee it brings tears of joy and sorrow for me. As joyous as today was for us I can only imagine the heartache her birth parents are going through. Today may be a difficult day for them and I think that it is important to honor their great sacrifice. Because of the information we have about Mylee and her finding spot, it is obvious that someone loved her and wanted only the best for her. As a mother, I cannot imagine what her birthmother had to go through three years ago today. The agony she must have felt to walk away from her daughter, to not know what her daughter's future held, but to have hope. Hope that someday she would have a family to love her as much as she did. It seems so unfair that what causes us great joy may cause another tears of grief and loss. I pray that her birth parents have peace in their hearts and know that their daughter is well taken care of and loved beyond measure.

In the short months that Mylee has been with our family, she has brought so much joy to our family. She is an amazing little girl that continues to amaze us. Mylee has a wonderful personality. In the few short months she has been with us she has touched so many people. Everywhere she goes, she lights up a room. She is beautiful, happy, healthy, spunky, stubborn, smart, sypathetic, funny, loving and so much more. She is truly a blessing and a gift from God. God has blessed Matt and I with four great kids and we thank Him everyday for that.

Below are some of the professional pictures we had taken of Mylee today.

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