Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Update #2 FINALLY

This was taken shortly after she was in recovery.

Sorry it has taken me so long to update, but we have been in post op since 12:30 p.m. and it is now 6:45 p.m. and we are just getting a room.

The surgery went well. Dr. Loder said that "she has a very weird anatomy." By that he means that he has never seen anything like the inside of Mylee's legs before. Apparently where our thighs and knees are there are tendons and muscles. Well, Mylee has no muscles in that area and the muscles that are in her legs and ankles have fallen down. He said that she definitely did not have club feet or dislocated hips. And that he really doesn't know what her diagnosis would be. He said that the right ankle turned out really well, but he is going to need more work on the left. She will return in two weeks so he can take off her left cast and stretch her legs and muscles more. To do this she will have to be put out with anesthesia again.

Once we were able to go back to the recovery room, she was awake and asking for me. She did not appear to be in too much pain. She was able to keep fluids down, had some ice cream and even some crackers. We should have been taken to a room right away because she was doing so well, but the hospital is so busy that we had to wait on a bed to open up. So, we sat in the recovery room for six hours. Mylee was so good and quite the entertainer. All the doctors and nurses were really taken with her and kept coming over and talking to her and basically spoiling her. Of course she did not mind one bit.

Once the caudal (pain medicine that was injected into her back) wore off, she was a totally different person. It started wearing off around six, so that is when they started giving her some torodol and morphine. By that time, it was time to be taken back to her room.

I ordered her some dinner because she said she was hungry, but she took maybe three or four bites and she was done. My sister stopped by and brought me some dinner and some gifts for Mylee and she seemed to perk up some. She was even playing with a pretend cell phone for awhile. Once my mom and sister left, Mylee fell asleep. She is now in and out of sleep. She has frequent muscle spasms and they cause her a great deal of pain. The nurses are doing everything they can to make her comfortable. When she has a muscle spasm, her left knee begins to shake and she will wake up screaming. They are giving her Valium often to help relax the muscles.

As for tomorrow, she will go down to the casting center in the morning to her the fiberglass wrapped around her casts. She has been talking about her pink casts since we walked in the door of the hospital. After that, we will meet with a case worker who will measure her for a wheel chair since she is going to be so sore. Hopefully after all of that she will be discharged and can go home. They have already gone over the home care as well as given me a stack of prescriptions for pain.

Since she is finally sleeping pretty well, I to am going to take this time to catch a few z's. I will update again as soon as I can, but it probably will not be again until we are home. Thank you to everyone who has called to check on Mylee and for all the prayers that you have all said. I am sure that He has heard them because despite all the pain she is in right now, she is doing pretty well.

5 minutes after morphine.

Within 10 minutes of being in the room and after a bit more pain medicine


Lisa and Chris said...

My thoughts are with all of you during this time. Hoping Mylee recovers quickly. She is such a trooper!

Lisa (Nanjing mom)

Chad and Tara said...

Mandi, Wow! What a day you guys have had! We have all been praying for Mylee several times today and will continue tomorrow. Thanks for the updates.


amy said...

Poor Baby!! We are still praying for her here! Riley nurses are wonderful arent they??

Kay Bratt said...

Oh my...those pictures just break my heart. I am saying prayers for her right now...