Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Settling In

Again, sorry for the length of time between updates. Mylee is doing well, or at least as well as can be expected. This weekend she was pretty grumpy and in quite a bit of pain. She would wake up in the middle of the night complaining that her knee hurt. Once her medicine kicked in she would go right back to sleep. As long as she is getting her medicine, she is in pretty good spirits. We can tell when it is starting to wear off because she will stop playing and just lay around.

She will go back next Wednesday to have her left leg stretched. In order to do this, Dr Loder will put her back under anesthesia and cut off her cast. He is going to pull, push and bend her left to try to get it to stretch some more. After that, she will have her cast put back on. The good thing is that she will not have to stay over this time but, it is probably going to be a very long day.

Below are some pictures from her stay at the hospital.

Finally getting her PINK casts on. That is all she talked about.

The nurses fell in love with Mylee and continued to bring her toys and dolls. Mylee was head over heels when they brought her this baby and play doctor kit. She was so funny to watch. She would put the latex gloves on before she did anything to her baby. We may have a future doctor in the family.

These last two were taken shortly after her morning dose of medicine. At first she is pretty low key, but after about the first 10 minutes or so she is off playing until it starts to wear off.

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