Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Update #1 Pre Surgery

Last night turned out to be a late night for all of us. Mylee did not go to bed until after midnight and we had to be up at six, so we are all pretty tired. Anyway, Mylee got up this morning asking to go see Dr. Loder and get her pink casts. Unfortunately, she did not really know what was going on. Once we got her all checked in they took us back to a room where they changed her into hospital attire, took her vitals and went over all the necessary information. After all of that Dr. Loder came in to talk with us and explain what was going to happen. When Mylee looked up and saw him she said "hi Grandpa!" She does this every time she sees him because he has gray hair. Lucky for us, he has pretty good sense of humor.

Dr. Loder explained that they are going to cut the heel cord tendons in both legs, stretch them and then sew them back together. He will do the same for the muscle in her left knee. He is pretty happy with the progress of her right knee and has decided not to do anything to it. He will also have a plastic surgeon in the operating room with him to try to minimize the scaring. Once he is done, he will cast her right in the operating room.Since they are working on her legs, they are giving her a child's version of an epidural to help keep the pain down. We asked him how much pain she would be in and he said it all depends on her and how well she handles pain.

They will do the best they can to manage the pain.Just before they took her back, they gave her a medicine to relax her so she wouldn't be scared. The nurse said the medicine was pretty nasty so they gave her a tiny bit of apple juice afterwards. Mylee liked the medicine and asked for more. The nurse said she doesn't hear that very often. About five minutes after taking the medicine, Mylee became very limp and very silly. She got the giggles so bad, she couldn't stop. Once the nurse came to take her to the operating room she was ready to go.

The nurse just came in to give us an update and so far so good. She said Mylee is doing great, they got the IV started, the epidural, and have started on the right leg. The surgery is supposed to take about 3 hours so she will be back hourly to update us.

This was taken after the medicine had taken affect. She was so silly!

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that all is going well so far. I will continue to lift up Mylee and pray for a speedy recovery.