Friday, February 13, 2009

Mylee's 1st Day of School

Yesterday was Mylee's first day of school. She was so excited. The night before the bus driver brought the bus over so Mylee would have an idea of what she needed to do on the bus. After she left, going to school is all Mylee talked about. Even when I put her to bed she said "Mylee go to school morrow." Thursday morning Matt and I got up early so we could get her ready before we got Blake and Emma up. School doesn't start until 8, but the bus has to pick her up at 7 to make sure they get to school in time. Anyway, she was SO tired. I felt so bad. But once she realized she was going to school, she perked right up. After breakfast and a few pictures, the bus pulled up in front of the house, and Mylee couldn't wait to get on it. Because she is not able to get up the stairs by herself, we have to put her in her stroller and she rides of the wheelchair ramp that way. It seems like so much work, and would be so much easier if I could just carry her on the bus and put her in her seat, but there is a liability issue with that. Once she was buckled into her seat belt and ready to go, I told her goodbye (waiting for her to have a meltdown). She seemed to do fine and even waived as the bus pulled away.
I have to admit it was really hard putting her on that bus yesterday morning. I was very relieved when her teacher called to let me know that things were going great. She said Mylee jumped right into the routine of everything and was doing great. She even said Mylee was going potty on her own. Having the teacher call with an update helped to put some of my worried aside.
School lasts from 8 until 11, but because of the bus ride, Mylee doesn't get home until almost 12. When I went out to get her she kept saying "I go to school." I tried to ask her what they did, but she was more interested in getting something out of her backpack. I thought maybe she had something to show me. Yeah right! They had their Valentine party during school and she wanted her backpack so she could get the M&M's out of it.
All in all, she seemed to have fun and did well. She will go back again on Tuesday, but will miss next Thursday because of her upcoming surgery. At this point, we will wait to see how her recovery goes before we decide when she will go back. We do already have everything in place for when she returns to school in her casts.
I know I promised pictures from her party last weekend, but I am still working on them. We are having a small family get together this weekend, so I will post all the pictures after that.

Have a good weekend and enjoy Valentine's Day.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely precious! What a big girl! Keep us posted about the upcoming surgery.